for school board Trustee, District G 2014


Help re-elect Erin Cranor to a second term

Please send an e-mail to Erin to begin receiving campaign updates.  Erin's campaign e-mail address is   You will receive an e-mail every few weeks with updated volunteer opportunities. 

What might those be?  Here are some examples of the energy and muscle of our campaign:

Precinct Leaders are the heart of our campaign.  If you choose to become a precinct leader, you will be

entrusted with the opportunity to make personal contact with the voters living in your precinct, and talk with

them about Erin Cranor's commitment to continued improvement in student success here in our community. 

Part of your volunteer responsibility will be to find out who in your precinct is interested in joining the campaign

team, and keeping everybody apprised of things like campaign events and, when the time comes, early voting

locations and times as well as information voters need on the election day itself.  As a precinct leader, you will

have access to all campaign materials that can help you in your volunteer campaign work in your precinct.


Campaign Volunteers are the lifeblood of our work to elect Erin Cranor to a second term of helping improve chances for student success here in our community.  Here are some of the things campaign volunteers do:

Walk with a Precinct Leader Everybody loves company, especially people who love to talk!  Joining a precinct leader in the work of contacting voters can be one of the most interesting and rewarding ways to help re-elect Erin Cranor.

Lit Drop

We do not yet have a precinct leader for every single precinct in District G. In those precincts not led by a Precinct Leader, we can quickly get information to our voters simply by leaving a calling card or door hanger at the doorstep of every active voter. Some people make "lit drops" their form of exercise during the campaign; they lace up their running or walking shoes and may succeed in sharing information about Erin Cranor with every voter in a precinct in as little as one hour, or at a more leisurely pace of one morning or one afternoon.


Erin Cranor believes strongly in the personal touch. Volunteers hand-address envelopes that carry letters she personally prepares for individual voters.

Social Media

Our campaign to re-elect Erin Cranor includes a robust social media strategy. You are very welcome to join our social media team!


Campaign events are some of the most fun and memorable volunteer opportunities. You can choose to host a house or block meet-and-greet or help with one of our neighborhood walks, which usually launches from a neighborhood park on a Saturday morning.


Our feelings about our battle-born Nevada soil are never the same after breaking through it with a strong piece of rebar. If work gloves are among your favorite accessories, putting up and maintaining road signs is for you. If you choose to volunteer on this part of Erin Cranor's campaign, you will receive a brief informational training about the codes that need to be followed, and you will have access to all the materials you need to help get our signs up and keep them looking great.