for school board Trustee, District G 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

about Erin Cranor's campaign for a second term in 2014

To submit a question, please e-mail Erin at  Here are frequently asked questions and answers:

Can I vote for you? / Do I live in District G?

Here is where to find a link to the School Trustee District GMap.  When you get to the maps page on the Clark County election website, scroll to the bottom and click on "District G Metropolitan" under "Clark County School."

How do I donate to your campaign?

Please mail a check to:  Cranor for School Board, 3315 E. Russell A-4 #336, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Where can I vote early?

The Clark County website has posted early voting locations for the primary election. Early voting begins in October.

Before you were elected in 2010, were you ever an employee of the school district? 

Yes, one school year, as a substitute teacher. I responded when the school district was sending home flyers asking parents with college degrees to consider substitute teaching. I enjoyed “guest teaching,” as the school district called it, very much.

What about you personally makes you effective as a trustee?

I am not satisfied with our levels of student success. I am able to see what we can change now to set conditions for transformation. I helped lead change right away as a new trustee, building trust and enthusiasm for more change.  I am energetic. I love children. I respect people. I listen. I work hard. I am thoughtful. I research and dig for information. I understand statistics and demographics. I am a successful business owner. I have helped organizations turn around before. I am educated. I am prepared. I am honest. I collaborate and help others collaborate with each other.  I want Nevada to be a winning place to grow up.

Why are you running for a second term?

I can see what can happen; I can see what must happen for our children, and I am eager to keep changing things for the better.  When we hit the student success turning point, I want to have been a part of making it happen as quickly as possible!  I enjoy working together with other members of our community who really care about our children, our community, and Nevada. I have proven myself to be effective as your new District G Trustee. I see what is really happening in our children’s schools. My plan and focus for student success are working to help our schools be what our children and our community need them to be. I have begun my work as your trustee; together with our community we are proving that transformation is possible; success is beginning to build, and I am eager to keep working!   Specific work I need to do for you includes:

  • next steps on the parent-requested Digital Learning Act and other parent-led positive changes in student learning and opportunities,
  • continued collaboration, focus and consensus building with business and community leaders who are using Open Book to help align taxpayer resources with the changes that will make the biggest difference in literacy and graduation,
  • preserving the integrity of high school athletics and the ability for all Nevada students, including magnet and charter students, to participate in Student Councils and athletics, as the elected vice-president of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association,
  • strengthening Reclaim Your Future and other community engagement strategies that are resulting in hundreds more successful high school graduates each year, and
  • serving as the elected president of the Nevada Association of School Boards this coming legislative session as Nevada decides how well and precisely it will invest in game-changing strategies for student success.

Why aren’t you willing to go negative against other candidates?

One of my character strengths is respect for other people as individuals. In particular, I have great regard for almost anyone who is willing to enter into public service, especially school board service.  I am happy to stand on my own two feet, with a plan to help bring our community together for change for our children, and with an energy level that says: Let’s work together!

Will you at least respond to negative, false, or misleading messaging that occurs during the campaign season? 

Yes, if and when appropriate.  Much of the negative messaging in the world of political campaigns simply does not deserve a response.  Other times, political attacks may be crafted as traps that could lead to harm or expense to students and taxpayers.  I will not respond with anger to politically motivated messaging.  Check back here for a link to a response website that is ready to be filled with information and launched if and when it is time

What else can I do to help with your campaign?

Sign up for e-mail campaign updates.  Each week, you will receive a brief campaign update with a few of the things you can do to lend a hand at that point in the campaign.  Just send an e-mail to to join the campaign updates team!