for school board Trustee, District G 2014

Erin Cranor's Work for Student Success

Recognized Leader, Transformative Results

Our community has great reason to celebrate, great reason to hope, and great reason to remain relentless in our pursuit of dramatically better student success.  Erin Earlene Cranor is working hard and earning recognition as a leader in the victories students here in our community and state are achieving.  Erin is a passionate leader in determination to go much further toward what we know is possible for our young people.  She will accept nothing less than transformation in student success.

Students in our community and state are demonstrating growing success, particularly in high school graduation and middle school literacy. In these areas, student success in our schools is improving at rates unmatched in nearly every other community and state.  These early victories prove that transformative results are possible. 

We must continue to do better, and not just a little better.  Erin Earlene Cranor is for change.

Erin Earlene Cranor has been recognized as the kind of leader who "gets it."  Erin understands, from the point of view of a devoted parent and a successful contributor to turnaround of other organizations: what is possible, what it will take, and how to work together for transformative student success.

Here you will find examples of recognition of Erin Cranor's leadership and perspective in progress and victories so far, and in the wonderful work toward the possibilities for student success.

Erin Cranor's Work so far for Transformation in Student Success:


In Erin's first-term work to help make this a great place to be a great teacher, Erin:

1. Helped rally our community to assist teachers and school leaders in their work to help young people beat the odds and graduate. Reclaim Your Future, new in 2011, Erin's first year as a trustee, has grown into a thriving community success.

2. Helped strengthen and clarify partnerships with community charitable organizations that are eliminating obstacles such as hunger, lack of healthcare, and need for necessities like eyeglasses and shoes, helping young people come into their classrooms ready to learn.  New clarity in partnering is bringing more children past the barriers of poverty.

3. Assisted with local and statewide work toward the new Nevada Educator Performance Framework and toward ensuring that this new teacher evaluation and accountability system will be effective in exiting poorly performing teachers who fail to develop effective teaching, and will result in great teacher leadership and professional growth for our thousands of already good and great teachers.

Erin recognizes that literacy development for all students requires great teaching.  She is working tirelessly and collaboratively to help make this a great place to be a great teacher.  Here in Nevada, major educator effectiveness reforms are now well underway.  In this time of dramatic change, Nevada's teachers have a voice on the state Teachers and Leaders Council and with Erin!  She is building and strengthening relationships statewide and locally to ensure that Nevada's new teacher and leader evaluation system will help bring true professional growth here in our schools.  Erin helps connect diverse voices around the work to make this a great place to be a great teacher.  She accepted an invitation to be the first school board trustee to join the group of teachers, principals, professors and business leaders who are designing teacher leadership models, based on the Peer Assisted Review model that is mentioned in our Nevada Revised Statutes.  Erin is working hard to be a productive contributor to promising collaborations toward teacher leadership and professional growth.  


In Erin's first-term work to help make the Clark County School District and Nevada's education system overall more transparent, Erin:

1. Called upon and received the assistance of community financial professionals to initiate fiscal governance policy reform in the Clark County School District. The Audit Advisory Committee, newly reconstituted and repurposed in Erin's first year as a trustee, continues to function and assist both school district staff and the board of trustees, and Erin continues to serve as the board's liaison.

2. Helped research and develop a one-page fact sheet published by the Nevada Association of School Boards, known as "Nevada Students," that makes student enrollment, education workforce, student success, and Nevada rankings information handy for policymakers across Nevada.  This new resource, first published with Erin's leadership in 2012, continues to drive greater clarity in the work for change in student success. 

3. Met with financial and fiscal policy professionals and experts in our community to learn what level of budget transparency might be possible, and what tools and practices were available. Now, the school district budget is online, searchable, and comparable to the prior budget, in a website known as "Open Book."  This new resource is a first step in precise, targeted investing.

The Clark County School District budget is now online, searchable, and comparable to prior budgets.  This is a big step forward, but just the beginning of the path toward precise investment of resources in what works for student success.  As a trustee, Erin has met with over 30 business and public agency financial experts to learn and understand the next steps, and the school board is taking those steps now.  Step 1 was to require the superintendent to align all resources with the priorities for student success that the board and our community identified soon after his appointment in 2012.  Erin envisions that Step 2 will be large-scale, yet precise repurposing of existing resources currently bound up in central functions, out to the schools, with accountability for return on investment that is built upon multiple measures of success and failure.  Smart, precise investing at the school level, and demonstrating successes, will help set the stage for Nevada's much-needed Step 3: a better investment in student success overall! 


In Erin's first-term work to listen and act for student success, Erin:

1. Helped contribute to the successful adoption of the Clark County School District's cutting-edge Bring Your Own Device policy and Nevada's Digital Learning Act.  Many young people are advancing by using these new opportunities!

2. Strengthened awareness and feasibility of opportunities for Clark County School District students to participate in regional and international robotics competitions, and helped prevent Las Vegas from losing the opportunity to host one of the annual regional competitions.

3. Collaborated with community members, business leaders, employee associations and her colleagues on the board of trustees toward a new era of focused strategic leadership and transformation in student success.  The new strategic imperatives are generating further shift toward precise investing and accountability for student success. 

Erin did not wait around to begin working for student success, nor did she miss the opportunity to add a fourth "T."  Technology was the word parents and community members brought to her as she began her work as a trustee.  Erin convened working groups, research studies and parent and community panels that helped lead to our school district's cutting-edge Bring Your Own Device policy and the successful passage of the Digital Learning Act (SB58) in the 2013 Nevada legislative session.  Nevada is being recognized nationwide for the Digital Learning Act and the cutting-edge learning opportunities our students are beginning to experience.  Erin is helping set the stage today for transformative student success! 

Leadership Positions to which Erin Cranor has been elected or appointed as a trustee:

President, Clark County School Board of Trustees

elected January, 2014

currently serving

President-Elect, Nevada Association of School Boards

elected November, 2013

currently serving

Vice President, Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Board of Control

elected October, 2013

currently serving

Governor's Appointee, Nevada P-20W Council

appointed August, 2011 and reappointed June, 2012

currently serving

Vice President, Nevada Association of School Boards

elected November, 2012 

served November, 2012 - November, 2013

Legislative Chair, Nevada Association of School Boards

elected November, 2011 

served November, 2011 - November, 2012

Service Erin Cranor has given as a trustee as a presenter or panelist:

Nevada State Parent Teacher Association State Conferences

social media, grant writing

Nevada Association of School Boards Conferences and Workshops

social media, collaborative leadership, teacher support

National School Board Association Pacific Region Meeting

social media

National School Board Association PR Professionals' National Meeting

internal and external communication

Southwest District AAHPERD Annual Convention

evidence matters

International Society for Technology in Education Board Development Meeting

technology in a large urban school district

Informal Recognition Erin Cranor has received in her work for student success:

Open Book

early contributor and supporter

Reclaim Your Future

with Trustee Chris Garvey, early contributor and supporter

Digital Learning Act

early contributor and supporter


Formal Recognition Erin Cranor has received since her election as a trustee in 2010:

Nevada New School Board Member of the Year

awarded by Nevada Association of School Boards in 2011

Heartbeat Award

awarded by NAACP Las Vegas in 2012

Nevada Young Mother of the Year

awarded by American Mothers in 2012

Nevada School Board Member of the Year

awarded by Nevada Association of School Boards in 2013

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Since our community elected Erin Cranor in 2010, the Clark County School District has taken steps to be one of the fastest-improving school districts in the nation, in some measures of student success.  Great change is possible!