Changing Education for the better.  Working hard for our children.

Erin Earlene Cranor is working hard in her first term on the school board for change to a better future for Nevada's young people.

As a new trustee, Erin Cranor did not wait to begin changing things for the better:

With Parents

With parents who came to her with the imperative for better opportunities for our children, and with educators and legislators who saw the need, Erin Cranor helped with the Digital Learning Act that is now opening doors to advanced learning for young people. 

With Leaders

With business leaders and community leaders who, with Erin, believe that we can invest both money and time more strategically toward student success, Erin Cranor supported the development of Open Book and Reclaim Your Future, bringing the school district's finances out into the community view, and bringing the community into the lives and hearts of our students so more students stay in school and graduate.

With Teachers

By invitation of teachers, principals, and interested members of our community, Erin Cranor is a member of a collaborative team helping develop and launch a groundbreaking teacher leadership system that is helping make Nevada a great place to be a great teacher.

With Students

One of the first things Erin Cranor did as a new trustee was to help host a listening session with student leaders who had insight and advice for the school board to follow.  Now, students are beginning to succeed here like they haven't in a long, long time.  They are giving us a glimpse of what is possible as we work together for student success. 

Complete transformation is our imperative, and while complete transformation will not happen in the blink of an eye, Erin Cranor saw from day one that we can change things right now that will set the right conditions for that turning point.  

From day one, Erin's hard work has helped to illuminate what is possible for our young people. 

From day one, Erin's collaborative nature has energized the beginnings of momentum toward transformation.  

From day one and through today, Erin's undaunted enthusiasm and determination are bringing the exciting possibilities for student success into the view of more and more parents, teachers, leaders, and our students themselves.

Erin Cranor has been recognized for her part in the growing momentum of change.  She was named New School Board Member of the Year her very first year, and only two years later she earned the title of Nevada School Board Member of the Year!  She was appointed by the Governor to Nevada's P-16 Advisory Council, and she continues to serve after being reappointed.  In the middle of her work with other parents in 2012 toward more advanced opportunities for students, Erin was also named Nevada Young Mother of the Year.

While Erin is strongly supported by leaders and organizations helping change our schools for the better, she will need your help to win the opportunity to serve a second term.  Endorsements for Erin Cranor for Trustee come from across the community, cross party lines, and include families and individual teachers, business and labor, active volunteers in our schools, other elected officials, and both conservative and liberal-minded individuals who see the practical value of Erin's fearless and positive work for our students, families, and community.  Yet, not everyone wants the change she is working for.  She drew fire when she voted to appoint our current superintendent and took heat when she supported him in not allowing non-graduates to walk at graduation ceremonies, and her aggressive financial reform efforts, to align spending to student success, have angered some individuals and drawn heated political attacks. Erin Earlene Cranor will need your help to ensure a win this November 4.

If you share a view of the possibilities for student success - if you share a sense of the urgency to see this work through to success, help elect Erin Earlene Cranor to a second term as a trustee. 

This website contains everything you need to join Erin's re-election campaign team and help make it happen.  Inside, you will find more information than almost any other candidate for any office in Nevada offers: from Erin's contact information, to endorsements, to in-depth position statements, to detailed comparisons of student success before Erin was elected and since.

The trustee election is near the bottom of the ballot, but Trustee, District G is one of the most important votes that will be cast in 2014. 

We must push the growing momentum for our students forward from here, and Erin Earlene Cranor must continue to be one of the key players in our community's transformation in student success.

Please join our team to elect Erin Cranor to a second term on the school board.  Together, we can change things for the better - for our students, our families, our communities, our state, our country and our world. 

Candidate Erin Earlene Cranor

for school board Trustee, District G 2014

I strongly support Erin Cranor

because she is an educational leader who has demonstrated, through her role as CCSD school board chairman, an ability to set strong, results-oriented educational policy.  In addition, Erin has a deep understanding of budgets and complex systems and is always willing to tackle the biggest issues on behalf of our children.  As a former educator and advocate for public schools, I greatly encourage you to vote for Erin Cranor, District G.

Sandy Miller

Former First Lady, Nevada


Erin's high standards,

exceptional work experience, and her admirable work ethic make her a candidate the school district cannot afford to be without.

Deana Kirkendall


Erin Cranor

is changing things for the better.

Corrina Hall Terry, M.A.


If we are serious

about transforming education for our children, our community must have the leadership and energy that Erin Cranor is demonstrating in her first term as a trustee.

John and Debra Guedry

business and community leaders